Measurements are carried out to get new insight or to confirm theoretical knowledge. They are needed to compare a building`s conditions before and after changes made to it.  

We plan and execute specially tailored measuring campagnes including sensor Installation and Evaluation of the measured data.

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By means of hygrothermic simulations the temperature and moisture in a construction can be investigated under realistic boundary conditions. Feasibility and parametric studies based on these simulations show the possibilities and limits of changes planned to improve the construction.

[WUFI® Simulation]

We investigate the options for energetic retrofit of existing buildings and show the possibilities to keep them in a damage-free hygrothermic equilibrium.

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We offer 2 and 3 dimensional calculations of thermal bridges both for steady state and transient boundary conditions.

[TRISCO Result]

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Due to longer periods of hot summer, solar protection has got an increasing importance as solar radiations directly influence thermal comfort of rooms. The influence of occupant behaviour, external and internal climata, building envelope, HVACR, building orientation and shading devices on internal air temperature can be determined by means of calculations.

[HELIOS Simulation]

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porous Building materials in fire

The behavior of porous building materials in case of fire is decisive for the temperature evolution within a building detail and hence, has a major influence on the fire resistance of a building or parts of it. By means of Interpretation of the thermal analysis, the changes in the microstructure and the laws of heat and mass transfer, it is possible to make conclusions regarding the main parameters influence the behavior of porous building materials in fire. Transient numerical calculations including temperature dependent material properties enable parametric studies as well as optimizations.

Details porous building materials in fir
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EXPERTISE & Project support

Issuing independent expertise report related to our special competence "Damage on coatings/finish".

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Expertise dealing with various aspects of Building Physics such as:

Algae on façades, thermal comfort, historic buildings, internal insulation, cavity walls, insulating plaster, high performance insulations, moisture buffering materials, etc. 

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Expertise for auditing laboratories offering experimental and/or numerical investigations in the domain of Building Physics. 


Based on our longterm experience we do offer specially tailored courses and lectures dealing with different aspects of building physics.  

High Performance Insulation Materials | Dr.Karim Ghazi Wakili

The Saudi International Building and Constructions Technology Conference 2015 11 - 12 May, 2015 / 22 - 23 Rajab 1436 H King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), Riyadh, KSA


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