Advances in building energy research

Karim Ghazi Wakili, has been appointed as a new member of the editorial of the journal “Advances in Building Energy Research” published by “Taylor & Francis”.

Advances in Building Energy Research (ABER) aims to provide expert and authoritative reviews and analyses of the most important developments across the rapidly expanding fields of energy efficiency and environmental performance of buildings. It also provides a unique forum by bringing together invited contributions from the foremost international experts, to examine new technologies and methodologies with the latest Research on systems, simulations and standards. Published bi-annually and peer-reviewed, ABER delivers an invaluable resource for architects, building engineers, environmental engineers, industry professionals, students, teachers and researchers in building science.



Parham A. Mirzaei, The University of Nottingham, UK

EEhb 2018: Member of the scientific committee













The conference is organised jointly by the Swedish Energy Agency, Uppsala University and the Swedish National Heritage Board as part of their collaboration in the Swedish national research programme on energy efficiency in historic buildings. Spara och bevara* (

*Spara och bevara is Swedish for "Save and preserve" as in save energy and preserve historic buildings.


K. Ghazi Wakili is member of the scientific committee reviewing the submitted contributions to this conference

IABP is Research Partner in a "SFoc" project

The three-year project "System buildings in Switzerland between social utopia, utilization and preservation" of the System & Serie group of ICOMOS Suisse is getting financial support from the Swiss Federal Office of Culture (SFOC).

As a member of this group IABP is contributing to the assessment of a possible energy efficient retrofit and comfort enhancement of system buildings.


IABP Membership at ICOMOS Working Group

The working group "System & Serie" is dealing with opportunities and problems regarding long term maintenance and use of system buildings as well as issues of reparability and restoration of prefabricated components. The architectural, scientific and preservationist aspects of dealing with system buildings are at the core of these considerations.

IABP is Donator to Special Olympics Switzerland

Membership in the Scientific Committee of Ivis 2017

The 13th International Vacuum Insulation Symposium (IVIS 2017) is held in Paris, France from September 20 to 21st, 2017.


Membership of icomos suisse

IABP`s request for membership of ICOMOS Suisse has been accepted in
March 2017.

Approved Research Project 2017

Hygro-thermal analysis of energy-efficient retrofit of historical masonry walls by means of internal insulation with conventional and aerogel containing products


Foundation for the promotion of built heritage


Besides measures to reduce energy consumption and to improve the comfort of residents for energy-efficient retrofitting of historical buildings, one has to take into account the distribution of moisture in the old building materials.
Within the frame of this project, the possibility of using internal insulation for historical buildings will be analysed with special regard to the hygro-thermal changes the old materials. Newly developed insulation materials together with conventional ones with measured hygro-thermal properties will be considered. The influence of the climatic boundary conditions will be taken into account by using three different climatic conditions of Switzerland for the numerical analysis.